10 Sources of Free Backlinks

10 Sources of Free Backlinks

10 Sources of Free Backlinks

Get Free Backlinks from these 10 high quality sources.


Backlinks apply in addition to factors such as unique content, website speed and low bounce rate continues to be one of the most crucial criteria for a good ranking in search engines. But where to take when not steal?

This question arises quickly once you deal with search engine optimization. You want to quickly and cost-effectively as possible to build many and influential backlinks, wherein each of the time rightly sets its own strategy and with different methods makes it good or bad experiences.

For me it was no different. Even though I would not call myself an SEO professional, SEO because only accounts for almost 15% of my actual work, so of course I was looking for useful sources for my link building, when I made my own 5 years ago. Since then, I’ve put together some free resources that I myself like to call as Link Building Basics. The great thing about it: they are all free and if tweaked right, highly relevant topics.


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Like so much in life Link Building is a goal to be successful and measurable. This objective can be, for example, that you want to show up for the keywords “Best LA Dispensary” among the top three Google results. It is often useful to have a target from behind to reach the individual steps that are necessary to achieve this goal. In this specific case:

  • Continually build content-relevant follow backlinks with different link text from different pages and store them at best with the topic matching unique content.

For these link building you can see the following sources (other ways of backlink building, such as a linkbait or the like are not covered in this article, for they appear separate article.

Press Releases

Press releases are very suitable for link building, as they put the links in a content-relevant context, and there is also the possibility that editors pick up the press release and write additional linked to your website articles. Press releases should of course be issued only for really important things. A guide to writing a press release you can find here . Free press portals where you can publish your message: openpr, prurgent, prsubmissionsite and the vast amount of cannabis news websites that accept pr submissions, many of which will publish articles that appear in Google News.

Social Media

While social media links are normally nofollow, meaning they’re not as effective for ranking your site, social media backlinks still have significant effect for more reasons than one. Instagram for example may only give you a nofollow link, however social media analytic websites may pick up your profile and automatically create a page, sometimes with a dofollow link.

If you are engaged with any type of social media, you hit two birds with one stone: first you go with the zeitgeist, which is in particular to thank you the younger generation of your visitors. Second, you will receive with each of you post they a backlink which is the stronger, the more impressions on Facebook get liked and shared or Twitter is retweeted. Some Twitter pages also achieve very fast very high Pagerank, as you can see Google indexes tweets and shows them marked up in the search results. Also, Reddit is prime for good backlinks and can give you a super boost of traffic when you follow the rules of the subreddit.


Forums are ideal for your own link building, because not only in the signature often follow links are allowed, but links of your own can also be accommodated in the thread, if these are relevant topics and refer to good articles or site sections. It is however important that the Forum posts are solid. Spam submissions recognizes Google now quite well and evaluates the links accordingly. Useful forums for link building for example are Google Groups, Rollitup, THCfarmer and any community you can talk to. It is important here especially the relevance of the topics of threads to your own website niche.

Comments on blogs

Also, blogs are a good way to accommodate through their own (sensible) comments back links to their own pages. If you want to operate with your comments incidentally also link building, it is important to make sure that the links in the posts have no rel = “nofollow” attribute. Depending on the areas, there are many good blogs, in which the comment is worth (including here in the blog-page report ).

Social Bookmarks

The inclusion of social bookmarks, eg Digg and Scoop.it can also be very helpful. Here you should however make sure that you choose effective keywords and a meaningful description for your bookmarks. The more members bookmark your site, the higher the Link Power.

Social News

There are many news websites that allow you to become a contributor for free. You may have to present a resume with experience if you wish to get into some of the more premier news organizations. For starting out in news you can try Mashable, Buzzfeed, or even easier Social Media Portal.

Web Directories

Web directories are the link building rather out since an entry in this no longer has the benefit that he had once. However, there are still web directories in which an entry is worth, for example, if it is very related topic catalogs.

For directories, it behaves similarly to the web directories. Helpful can here an entry in DMOZ and the many results you get from a searching web directory on Google. However, you should see these not promise too much. It makes more sense to find niche web directories (eg a directory with websites about cannabis), and to enroll in this. Here you have thee directly a local assignment to your left, which is particularly useful if you’re a regional basis. If you are running a blog, you should also like to blog directories like Blog Engage.


Free classifieds websites are another source of free backlinks, however your classified post may be removed if it appears spammy. Try to do it sneaky. Depending under which headings listed your ad and how topics relevant is your ad to your website, you can achieve good results. This method is of course only if you’re already active in the classifieds area. Spam should be avoided in all respects, as this not only any benefits, but would actually hurt you in link building. If in doubt, you should always consult a professional who is familiar with search engine optimization.

Guest Posting

Also writing articles on other blogs is good for your brand when you are there and active, for example, you can get a backlink on the author snippet and appeares looks natural and looks authoritative which is good to expand your viewership. This additional link building is particularly well suited if you make a solid connection with the website owner(s) and cover the topics with an honest tone and not a product pitch.


There are many ways to run an effective link building. It is important to keep at it and build the backlinks is more resistant. More importantly, however, are good content, fresh ideas or great services. After all, these are sometimes also linked without your emulate. More about this in another article.

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